What Is Panalytica?


Relating to, representing, or involving information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics.

Our Credo

At the heart of every successful business or individual, is their ability to harness data and make intuitive decisions. Panalytica delivers the tools and solutions to capture, analyze and deliver insights that matter and uncloud the levers that enable data-driven decision making. We use our experience across industries and domains as well as rigorous analysis to isolate and calculate the KPIs that matter and integrate that into the decision making workflow. Our approach is holistic. Whether it is marketing, sales, operations, purchasing, pricing, customer service, retention, attrition, human resources, financial controlling, administration or management, there are measures that are quantifiable to your organization and that you can use to build a culture of accountability and success.

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Our Team

Michel Nematnejad

CEO & Founder

Michel started Panalytica after spending 15 years as a software developer and technology executive working for the biggest brands in Finance and Insurance.

Lauren Nematnejad

Business Development

Lauren has a strong background in Sales, Program Management and Education which make her ideal for managing the growth initiatives within the organization. We are excited about her addition to the team.

Michelle Karmely

Creative Director

Michelle strives to present the best and most valuable content as well as showcasing various campaigns for our clients. Additionally, Michelle delves into all the aspects of developing advertisement concepts, graphic design, and copyrighting.

Our Clients